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My Child has a Learning Disability, Now What

28 Mar

my child has a learning disability

If you are thinking my child has a learning disability, now how do I help them. There are a variety of things that can help a student with learning disabilities or any delays. First, really consider the student, their needs, likes, interests, and those things that may hinder their education. For example, if they are […]

ADHD and ADD: How to Help a Child Effected

27 Mar


ADHD and ADD If students are having problems staying on task due to ADD and ADHD, there are a variety of tactic that can be taken. They include, but are not limited to: making supplies easily accessible using a manageable amount of work using behavior modification systems quiet areas, simplified environment study buddies open discussions […]

How to Help Child Struggling at School

23 Mar

How to help a child struggling in school

When students are falling behind in their regular class work and/or are in need of extra help, often assessments are needed to further understand the child. It is important to pin point how to help child struggling at school. By finding out their needs, strengths and weaknesses, so that they can achieve their true potential. Adaptations […]

International Down Syndrome Day

22 Mar

Yesterday was International Down Syndrome Day. Although this is a day late, there is no difference in the importance of celebrating those different from us. It is each of our uniqueness’s that make the whole more interesting. As the video states, different is not less and there is so much to learn from one another. […]

Picky Eaters: 16 Steps to Finding Success

14 Mar

picky eaters

Finding Success with Picky Eaters Here are sixteen steps to finding success with picky eaters. It is all about what works best for your family, your child’s personality, and giving the child confidence in food. Picky Eating often starts around age one Some days toddlers eat lots and other days it seems like almost nothing […]

Criterion Referenced Test: Assessing Students

13 Mar

criterion referenced test

The Assessment A criterion referenced test is designed to examine a student’s knowledge in a specific area. These assessments test based on a scale of the student knowing nothing of the subject, a zero, and the students mastering the topic, a one hundred percent. Although most students may not get perfect scores or a completely […]

End the R-Word

8 Mar

This is a great short clip about choosing better language. It’s worth a watch! It’s something all of us could work to improve as there are many offensive words out there that might mean more to a person than simply what you are saying. Let’s all think a little bit more about the words that […]

Asperger’s Syndrome: What the Experts Say

6 Mar


Asperger’s syndrome, AS, is a disorder on the autism spectrum. It was first recognized sixty years ago by Hans Asperger. It effects one in three hundred people with ninety-percent of those effected being male. Some characteristics of it are “low capacity for communication, and social interaction, restricted and repetitious stereotyped behavior” such as rocking (Asperger, […]

Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Development?

1 Mar

Should I be Concerned

As a parent, you always wonder at what point should I be concerned. As a parent, I spend so much time comparing my children to the other ones on the play ground, playgroup, or child care, but how do I know when to really seek out help for my child and what the real repercussions […]