I am a mother of one second grader, but before I became a mom I worked in all things kids. I have a B.S. Human Development and a M.Ed. Special Education. I have eight years experience of working directly with children with special needs, as well as, an additional six working with typically developing children. I also have loved ones with high functioning autism, anxiety disorder, speech delays, ADHD, bipolar disorder, hearing loss and neurological issues. This site is published as additional information only and is not meant to serve as a plan for any specific child. Please find a developmental pediatrician in your area to get help tailored specifically for your child. Enjoy;)

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  1. walter biddick says:

    hi there.
    I was wondering if i could have your name so that I can use some of the information on your site as a reference for a paper.
    Walter Biddick, B.S.

  2. Dave Sivewright says:

    My step daughters were both diagnosed with Autism when they were 2 1/2. both girls are identical twins. They are both 22 now. Each on different spectrums. One high functioning and the other with sever autism. We found that both had allergies to both wheat and dairy. When we adjusted their diet, what a difference. They have both come such a long way!

  3. Delores Jones says:

    Gwen, I would like to you some of the information on this site and reference it. May I use some of the information for an assignment for my online Education course?

  4. Mimi says:

    Do you practice ABA then? because you do not have your Master’s in Psych, which means you are not certified, nor do you have your BA in psych which means you cannot be an assistant? This is the information you are showcasing on your website which is wrong anyway, but it also contradicts your qualifications, not sure why you would even put that up when its wrong.

    • Gwen says:

      This is true. I have however been part of an ABA team for a year for 30 hours a week. I also have to live some of these principles, but I definitely recommend talking to an expert in each field about any individual case. If you are worried about a child, I would start with a developmental pediatrician. They can offer a broader spectrum point of view and make individual recommendations. Hope this helps!

  5. sarah says:

    hi my name is Sarah a Kenyan am 31 years born with a condition called Spinal Bifida due to all the challenges that have gone through in life especially in my school life I have been passionate about disability awareness and exchange programs but have no fund nor the sponsor to help me do what I love doing ,the reason as to why I thought of doing this was to help kids who are born with the same condition as mine will not under go what I went through. please help me dear even if it through the exchange program.

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