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High Functioning Autism: Signs and Perspective

10 Oct

High Functioning Autism, HFA, as of 2013 absorbed the label Aspergers. This is the result of the DSM-5 (the test to label it) replacing what it was labeled as. There is talk of another test changing these possibilities in 2017, but that is up in the air. This interesting link was sent to me. It […]

Learning Disabilities: Learning the Facts

12 Aug

Learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities cover a wide variety of symptoms, causes, outcomes, and treatments. This can make it difficult to diagnose or to pinpoint the causes. Learning Disabilities can be divided up into three broad categories. These include: developmental speech and language disorders, academic skills disorders, and Other (includes certain coordination disorders and learning handicaps not covered […]

Peer Mediation: How It Helps

12 May

peer mediation

Peer mediation can help to resolve an issue constructively with others while also being a tool for a preventative measure for anger management. It is used when trained students lead one another through problems to resolutions. Here are some steps for effective peer mediation: Agree on ground rules Each individual gets to tell their side/version […]

Happy World Autism Awareness Day

2 Apr

Autism is now diagnosed even more readily than it was in the past. With more families being more effected, there is only more reason to feel unified. 1 in 68 children in the U.S. is currently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, 30% increase, or 1 in 88,  from 2 years. Here is a great […]

End the R Word: Celebrate Individuals

6 Mar

intellectual disabilities

Here is a fabulous article I came across, which sums up why the r word is hurtful and should not be used. Remember the importance of people first language. No one is their disability or should be labeled as such. Instead say a boy with ‘____.’ Fill in the blank or change the name, but […]

Physical Disabilities: Mannequins and Models

5 Dec

physical disabilities

Here is a unique video about how all individuals are beautiful. It challenges people to rethink what ‘perfect’ really is and explore redefining our own definitions. An organization took on building mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities. These mannequins represent so much more than just what they are. You can see the individuals […]

Early Detection of Autism: A Key to Changing the Future

12 Nov

early detection of autism

Early detection of autism may be able to change the path of development of the child and alter the severity of effects from be predisposed to inheriting autism. Now as far as the actual cause of autism there are many beliefs, some of which I discuss in other posts, but early detection means early treatment. […]

Autism Quotes: Seeing the World Differently

15 Oct

autism quotes

I ran across two wonderful autism quotes this week, so I thought I would share them. Hope you find them equally as enlightening. Although those with autism might see the world differently, their view can also be beautiful and what they can teach us can be amazing. Articles Related to ‘Autism Quotes: Seeing the World […]

Down Syndrome Quote: Designer Genes

2 Oct

down syndrome quotes

Found this adorable Quote from the Special Olympics and had to share… Related Articles to ‘Down Syndrome Quotes: Designer Genes’ Down Syndrome: Learning the Power within Disabilities Disabilities Quote International Down Syndrome Day  

Down Syndrome: Learning the Power within Disabilities

30 Sep

down syndrome

Here’s a story of a man who found a new version of himself when he had a daughter with down syndrome. Although he admits, he originally wanted an abortion when he found out. He now knows his life has changed for the better with his blessed little girl. Something we can all relate too. Judging […]