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Peer Mediation: How It Helps

12 May

peer mediation

Peer mediation can help to resolve an issue constructively with others while also being a tool for a preventative measure for anger management. It is used when trained students lead one another through problems to resolutions. Here are some steps for effective peer mediation: Agree on ground rules Each individual gets to tell their side/version […]

Early Detection of Autism: A Key to Changing the Future

12 Nov

early detection of autism

Early detection of autism may be able to change the path of development of the child and alter the severity of effects from be predisposed to inheriting autism. Now as far as the actual cause of autism there are many beliefs, some of which I discuss in other posts, but early detection means early treatment. […]

Early Sexual Activity in Children: Know the Facts & Help Your Child

10 Apr

early sexual activity in children

Early sexual activity in children can occur for a myriad of reason and with a wide variety of consequences. Here are some facts to know in order to help your kids: Reasons of Early Sexual Activity Today’s culture promotes early sexual activity with little regard to the consequences Students are inundated by the message that […]

Autism: ABA Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Getting the Facts

25 Mar


Autism effects a wide spread demographic. One therapy that is often sought out to help those effected with Autism. ABA refers to Applied Behavior Analysis. It used to be referred to as behavior modification. ABA is based on the theories of behaviorism. It focuses on using consequences to teach now and effectively teach skills for […]

Behavior and Cognitive Interventions: Finding the Best Solution

25 Jan

behavior and cognitive interventions

Behavior and Cognitive interventions can help children succeed when they have been having difficulty. The following are activities, strategies, and methods for teaching appropriate behavior and cognitive skills to children with Emotional Behavior Disorders.  Although these tools are primarily for those with Emotional Behavior Disorders, they can be applied to all children learning these skills. […]

Delinquent Habits: Help Your Children Overcome

21 Nov

deliquent habits

Delinquency is defined as the illegal behavior of a minor. There is a rising problem in our society with adolescent delinquent habits. There are lots possible causes to consider. Once you define the cause, it may help you to find a solution. Possible causes: Living Environment: Many students would not be classified as being Emotionally […]

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Know the Facts

7 Sep

alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and Drug Abuse are ongoing issues, especially for those with emotional disabilities. When mental health issues and substances collide, it can result in death. It is important to educate ourselves on these issues, so that we can recognize the warning signs and get help when needed. September is National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month, […]

Emotional Behavioral Disorder: Accommodations and Modifications

12 Jul

emotional behavioral disorders

The following is a list of needs and modifications to help a child with an emotional behavioral disorder, EBD, find success in all environments. Need 1: Kids with an Emotional Behavioral Disorder may have difficulty establishing a variety of relationships Modification: Set up goals aimed at social interactions Use role-playing situations Use seating arrangement to […]

Challenges of Those with an Emotional Disability

9 May

behavior plan emtional disabilities

There are many issues that arise while working with children an emotional disability, but these children are a part of the classroom and our lives, so it is important to come up with a plan for success. Children with an emotional disability are individuals like all children, so each child will be different and should […]

Dance Therapy: Helping Individuals Connect

3 May

dance therapy

Educational Purpose of Dance Therapy: Promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development Improve mental health through a healthy body Increase self-discipline, cooperation, and confidence Develop cultural understanding Activities of Dance Therapy: This is used for self-expression, communication, and group interaction The teacher needs an understanding of (not a mastery in) energy, weight, time, tension, space, […]