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Art Therapy Working With Emotional Disabilities

Children who have emotional disabilities may need many options when it comes therapy. Art Therapy is one possibility. It is a treatment that children can start at a very early stage of life and continue throughout adulthood. Art therapy is something personal, so that the strategies learned could eventually be used in their own schedules to help get through the daily grinds of life.

art therapy

Educational Purpose

  • Individual’s need help overcoming emotional problems by connecting with their feelings and others through art
  • This connection can allow students to move forward and promotes personal growth

Teacher/Student Activities:

  • Students are normally in a group setting
  • Art allows students to express themselves, even when there are typical communication barriers and/or the individual is shy
  • After the students have expressed themselves through art, have the student describe the picture. It is often easier for the students to talk about their picture than themselves

Student Assessment/Accommodations

  • This is a medium for therapy that should be individualized and can be useful when the child enjoys doing art
  • If the child does seem to be connecting through art, it is important to see how they trust their environment and what they are willing to share about their art


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