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Gifted Children: Existential Depression and Other Challenges

17 Jul

gifted children challenges

Gifted children can face many unique challenges. This interesting article was sent to me on how children who are uniquely gifted are also more challenged because they are so in-tuned with so many things. Existential depression might be more prevalent to them as gifted children are truly great philosophers and thinkers, so it is natural […]

Generative Learning Theory: Continuing the Mind

28 Feb

generative learning theory

Generative learning is a theory based on the active process of linking new knowledge and old knowledge. A process we all do in order to learn and remember new things. Along with organization of knowledge, it involves recall, integration, and elaboration. Organization consists of categorizing, outlining, analyzing, clustering, and mapping Recall consists of pulling information […]

Book Facts: Reading is a Gateway to so Much More

6 Feb

reading facts

I found this great info graphic about reading, but what is truly interesting is thinking about it in application.   On the guy’s website, he states that the last box is not research based…so just an opinion. High school graduation in the US tend to be around 75%. According to the Washington post, only about […]

Teacher Created Skills Checklists: Finding Each Child’s Success

2 Jul

teacher created skills checklists

Teacher Created Skills Checklists have many purposes. In a classroom, assessments are used to measure a students strengths and/or weakness. They can help a teacher pinpoint what a student needs to learn next and what skills they have already accomplished. As a parent, the same strategy can be used. Here are some ways to use […]

Teacher Appreciation: Thank you to all Those Making a Difference

10 May

teacher appreciation

In accordance with teacher appreciation week, Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who make us realize… and that we can get there because… Thank you!!! Related Articles to ‘Teacher Appreciation: Thank you to all Those Making a Difference’ Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You to All Who Change Lives Happy Monday! A Thank You for […]

Technology in the Classroom: the Use of Smartphones

17 Apr

technology in the classroom

In the current technological age, technology in the classroom is often a leading force in education, but how can a smartphone be used to further a students success. Here is a info graphic on just that topic: Do Smartphones Make Smart Students… As technology takes over the classroom, it is important to keep it researched […]

Special Education Infographic for the United States

20 Mar

special education

Here is a great info-graphic on Special Education in the United States. According to it’s information, Special Education is defined as “specifically designed instruction to meet unique needs of a child with a disability.” It also shows the variety of special needs including: specific learning disability, language/speech impairment, intellectual disability, emotional disturbance, hearing impairment, orthopedic […]

Educating Special Needs Children: How to Truly Help

5 Feb

educating special needs children

Educating special needs children provides it own challenges and rewards. Children with mental retardation, autism, severe disabilities, and multiple disabilities need special education that focuses on their current developmental levels. By focusing on their current levels, instead of the information normally provided in their chronological age/grade level, the children can be given goals that they […]

Self-Advocacy: Why It’s Part of the Transition

13 Dec


The Importance of Self-Advocacy Self-Advocacy is essential to a smooth transition. No one has a greater stake in the outcome of transition planning than the student with a disability. The student should be an active, participating member of the transition team, as well as the focus of all activities. For a young person with a […]

Social Cognitive Theory

16 Nov

social cognitive theory

People learn through different processes that are affected by internal and external factors. Many psychologists and other professionals through personal philosophies and organized research have theorized upon these processes of learning. One such process is the Social Cognitive Theory. Social Cognitive Theory is based on a behaviorism approach, which is very applicable to those with […]