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Reading Comprehension: Helping Kids Succeed

Reading comprehension is the skill of decoding text and then remembering what was read.  This can help children to find success in acquiring knowledge and eventually lead to successful test taking and test preparation.  It is an important skill that can be mastered when broken down for the child. They may need extra help along the way in order to achieve success but constant practice is the key toward finding success. Below are some additional ideas to help your child succeed in reading comprehension.

reading comprehension

The following 8 tips can be used to help children become successful in reading comprehension:

  • Start Young: It is never to early to practice the great skills of reading. Whether you are reading with the child or they are reading to themselves
  • Audio Books: Listen to stories and then have the student become the illustrator and make the book
  • Summary:  Break larger reading into smaller portions where the student can ask himself or herself what was this about.  For example, this can be applied to early readers and short sentences to paraphrase reflectively and make sense of the larger book
  • Compare/Contrast:  Students can reflect on what they have read by looking at what it is like from their prior knowledge and how it is different.  They may also be comparing facts in the sentence or characters in the book
  • Clue Words: Teachers and/or parents can help students prepare for what they are reading by highlighting and defining words for them to find in the text.  This can help students to greater understand what they are reading
  • Variety of input:  Students can practice reading to themselves, in small groups, or as a class.  This can help students to listen and read, and it can also help with the next point.
  • Discussion:  After reading, children can discuss with each other or with you what was read and how it applies to the topic.
  • Graphic Organizer:  Students can take what they read and apply it to note type format.  This multi task experience can help with retention, understanding, and be used later as a reference.


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