Halloween Advent Calendar: How and Why to Make One

Halloween Advent Calendars can provide numerous entertainment and education. Thy can help children learn: how to count down, number recognition, and patience. The one we made has two sides: an odd and evens.

When we got out the decorations and my toddler said “yay, it’s FINALLY Halloween,”  I thought the holidays could be long this year. Instead we are trying to learn pacing our selves with some basic math concepts and Halloween is a great reinforcement. Below is the one we made. It is done on a budget without sowing. (I just got done with curtains and couldn’t bring myself to make something nicer)

Halloween Advent Calendar

Here’s what we did to make a Halloween advent calendar:

  • Bought a $2 wreath and some ribbon from the craft store
  • Let my child paint away
  • Filled in the areas they did not paint
  • Attached the ribbon
  • Added clips and craft scraps we had around the house to complete the functionality

Here are some other great Halloween Advent Calendars:


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