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Fun Free Toddler Apps: for iPhones and iPads

As summer is here and vacations are sure to be a worry if you have a little one in tow, here’s a list of fun free toddler apps that will keep your children entertained while challenging them to learn something too.

9 Free Toddler Apps to keep your little one busy learning…

free toddler apps

Play Phone

This definitely has some annoying glitches, but we have also gone through phases where it was my sons favorite. He loves the function of personalization.

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Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

There is I believe a paid version where you don’t have to deal with the annoying ads, but my child has fully learned to navigate the free version. It has great sounds to go with the cards, so it is more of a multisensory memory experience.

fun baby app

Animal Sounds for Baby

Admittedly this is for the younger child but I sometimes still here my two year old playing with it. There are some other cute baby ones made by Fischer-price.

writing app for toddlers

Little Writer

This is a cute app to develop some pre-writing skills.

Boy toddler apps

My First Wood Puzzles: Dinosaurs

This is super fun for a little boy or a dinosaur loving girl. It incorporates the alphabet with science all while working on fine motor skills.

fun free apps

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School

Nothing keeps m son as busy as an app he can also watch on television. This one is FREE and it has lots of fun inside of it from cruising a ship to playing music.

toddler apps

Counting Ants

This is a cute app that incorporates numbers and foreign languages. It has multiple animals and multiple modes of transportation so there is lots to keep your kids attention.

preschool apps

Preschool Games

This has tons of ways to learn and play. It is full of customizable options. It helps kids expand there vocabulary and learn all about animals.

free preschool app

Hello Crayons

This app is great for the budding artist. It is pretty straight forward for just coloring but it has lots of mediums and colors to choose from to keep your little artist hard at work.


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