Learning Disabilities: Definitions & What to Know

13 Apr

Learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities are a disorder that is defined as a permanent problem that affects a person with average intelligence, in a way that he/she receives, stores, and processes information. There are physiological differences in those with learning disabilities, and this impacts their learning. No one knows the exact cause of a learning disability. One widely […]

Autism, Empathy, and How the Brain Might Truly Work

12 Mar

autism emotions brain

As someone who is around a high-functioning Autistic child daily, it is easy to see that many of society’s current notions about the disorder, and how it effects the brain and empathy, might be incorrect. This interesting article was sent me that backed up some current feelings we have in this household. Autism is thought […]

Accept My Child as Is

1 Feb

accept my chld as is child quotes

I recently came across the cutest quote and one that I can definitely relate to as a mother. We all only want the best for our children and part of that is our children being able to be themselves while being accepted. Related Articles to ‘Accept My Child as Is’ Autism Quotes: Seeing the World […]

Fine Motor Skills: Milestones Checklist, 0-2 yrs

23 Jan

fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are an important part of child development. They prepare children not only for writing, an everyday skill, but also for eating, dressing, and other important self-help skills. Here are some skills your child 0-2 years old should be exhibiting: Birth to 3 months Hand to Mouth Reflexive grasp (Place a finger in […]

Speech and Language Milestones: Birth through Kinder

21 Nov

speech and language milestones

Speech and language milestones are important little snippets that give us insight into how a child is developing. If your child is falling behind, they might just need a little help to achieve more. It might be a sign of some larger problem, but there is also a great chance that if you address their […]

High Functioning Autism: Signs and Perspective

10 Oct

High Functioning Autism, HFA, as of 2013 absorbed the label Aspergers. This is the result of the DSM-5 (the test to label it) replacing what it was labeled as. There is talk of another test changing these possibilities in 2017, but that is up in the air. This interesting link was sent to me. It […]

Learning Disabilities: Learning the Facts

12 Aug

Learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities cover a wide variety of symptoms, causes, outcomes, and treatments. This can make it difficult to diagnose or to pinpoint the causes. Learning Disabilities can be divided up into three broad categories. These include: developmental speech and language disorders, academic skills disorders, and Other (includes certain coordination disorders and learning handicaps not covered […]

Gifted Children: Existential Depression and Other Challenges

17 Jul

gifted children challenges

Gifted children can face many unique challenges. This interesting article was sent to me on how children who are uniquely gifted are also more challenged because they are so in-tuned with so many things. Existential depression might be more prevalent to them as gifted children are truly great philosophers and thinkers, so it is natural […]

27 Great Picture Books: What to Read with Your Kids

12 Jun

great toddler books

Children’s picture books are a great way to engage kids of all ages into literature. They can teach so much.┬áThe illustrations can draw them in, while great text can truly add to it. You can start reading to your children before they are even out of the womb and can continue as long as they […]

Peer Mediation: How It Helps

12 May

peer mediation

Peer mediation can help to resolve an issue constructively with others while also being a tool for a preventative measure for anger management. It is used when trained students lead one another through problems to resolutions. Here are some steps for effective peer mediation: Agree on ground rules Each individual gets to tell their side/version […]