Electronics and Child Development: 5 Guidelines

18 Apr

electronis and child development

Electronics and child development seem to go at war with one another and yet seem inevitable. We all can judge the mom or dad who lets their child watch tv or play on a phone or device but is it really as harmful as everyone says. Here are some guidelines to use: Rule 1 There […]

Happy World Autism Awareness Day

2 Apr

Autism is now diagnosed even more readily than it was in the past. With more families being more effected, there is only more reason to feel unified. 1 in 68 children in the U.S. is currently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, 30% increase, or 1 in 88,  from 2 years. Here is a great […]

Baby Talk: Helping Children’s Speech Grow

1 Apr

baby talk

Baby Talk is an important part of development. It is a bridge stone to so much more. Early language will lead to success in school later on. Research shows that children who are more successful with early communication will arrive to school more on time, more ready to learn, and have an easier time learning […]

End the R Word: Celebrate Individuals

6 Mar

intellectual disabilities

Here is a fabulous article I came across, which sums up why the r word is hurtful and should not be used. Remember the importance of people first language. No one is their disability or should be labeled as such. Instead say a boy with ‘____.’ Fill in the blank or change the name, but […]

Generative Learning Theory: Continuing the Mind

28 Feb

generative learning theory

Generative learning is a theory based on the active process of linking new knowledge and old knowledge. A process we all do in order to learn and remember new things. Along with organization of knowledge, it involves recall, integration, and elaboration. Organization consists of categorizing, outlining, analyzing, clustering, and mapping Recall consists of pulling information […]

Book Facts: Reading is a Gateway to so Much More

6 Feb

reading facts

I found this great info graphic about reading, but what is truly interesting is thinking about it in application.   On the guy’s website, he states that the last box is not research based…so just an opinion. High school graduation in the US tend to be around 75%. According to the Washington post, only about […]

Developmental Milestones: Prenatal to Three Years Old

22 Jan

Developmental Milestones

As a child develops, there are many typical steps for parents and professionals to look for as age appropriate guidelines in their development. Prenatal Development Weeks 1-8: develop heart, upper limbs, lower limbs, and start to develop many other organs Week 9-16: develop palate and ears, continue to develop other organs Week 17-38: develop central […]

Physical Disabilities: Mannequins and Models

5 Dec

physical disabilities

Here is a unique video about how all individuals are beautiful. It challenges people to rethink what ‘perfect’ really is and explore redefining our own definitions. An organization took on building mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities. These mannequins represent so much more than just what they are. You can see the individuals […]

Early Detection of Autism: A Key to Changing the Future

12 Nov

early detection of autism

Early detection of autism may be able to change the path of development of the child and alter the severity of effects from be predisposed to inheriting autism. Now as far as the actual cause of autism there are many beliefs, some of which I discuss in other posts, but early detection means early treatment. […]

Autism Quotes: Seeing the World Differently

15 Oct

autism quotes

I ran across two wonderful autism quotes this week, so I thought I would share them. Hope you find them equally as enlightening. Although those with autism might see the world differently, their view can also be beautiful and what they can teach us can be amazing. Articles Related to ‘Autism Quotes: Seeing the World […]