Down Syndrome Quote: Designer Genes

2 Oct

down syndrome quotes

Found this adorable Quote from the Special Olympics and had to share… Related Articles to ‘Down Syndrome Quotes: Designer Genes’ Down Syndrome: Learning the Power within Disabilities Disabilities Quote International Down Syndrome Day  

Down Syndrome: Learning the Power within Disabilities

30 Sep

down syndrome

Here’s a story of a man who found a new version of himself when he had a daughter with down syndrome. Although he admits, he originally wanted an abortion when he found out. He now knows his life has changed for the better with his blessed little girl. Something we can all relate too. Judging […]

Smarter Baby: How to Help Your Child’s Brain Grow

12 Aug

smarter baby

I ran across this awesome article last week on how to help get a smarter baby. Really It’s just ideas on how to help stimulate their brains and get them motivated to learn. Some of the great ideas on getting your baby stimulated include simple ideas like: Stick out your tongue. Studies show that newborns […]

Helping a Shy Child: How to Overcome the Fear and Become Their Best

22 Jul

Helping a shy child

Helping a shy child can seem challenging. As I know from experience, shy children seem to be born and not raised. The question is how to get your child to overcome their shyness in order to grow into a responsive, social individual. Shyness can get in the way of many aspects of life: making friends, […]

Teacher Created Skills Checklists: Finding Each Child’s Success

2 Jul

teacher created skills checklists

Teacher Created Skills Checklists have many purposes. In a classroom, assessments are used to measure a students strengths and/or weakness. They can help a teacher pinpoint what a student needs to learn next and what skills they have already accomplished. As a parent, the same strategy can be used. Here are some ways to use […]

Intellectual Disability: Smoothing the Adulthood Transition

24 Jun

intellectual disability

Parents face many decisions when their child with an intellectual disability reaches adulthood. The social and ethical decisions that the parents of these children must make is monumental. Even the society in which we live must pay attention to the care that these individuals receive throughout their life. Before a child with an intellectual disability […]

Learning Websites for Kids: 10 Free Online Websites for Children

20 Jun

free learning websites

In the digital age, there are so many wonderful resources available for kids. I came across this great resource lately. It includes 10 free learning websites for kids. So although you may be limiting the amount of time your children spend in front of the screen, when they are using your computer, they can be […]

Overcoming Multiple Disabilities: Making the Impossible Possible

24 May

multiple disabilities

When presented with multiple disabilities, it can seem a rough road to living a full and fulfilling life. We have many to thank who have forged the road in front of us for making a difference in how to better service everyone. As individual’s with multiple disabilities or as the loved ones of those with […]

ADHD: Fact, Fiction, and What Can Help

13 May

ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, so many questions can arise. Here are some facts to help you understand Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder better: Where to Get Help: Ask your doctor See a Developmental Pediatrician Talk to your child’s school psychologist Signs of ADHD: Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch […]

Teacher Appreciation: Thank you to all Those Making a Difference

10 May

teacher appreciation

In accordance with teacher appreciation week, Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who make us realize… and that we can get there because… Thank you!!! Related Articles to ‘Teacher Appreciation: Thank you to all Those Making a Difference’ Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You to All Who Change Lives Happy Monday! A Thank You for […]