ADHD and ADD: How to Help a Child Effected



If students are having problems staying on task due to ADD and ADHD, there are a variety of tactic that can be taken. They include, but are not limited to:

making supplies easily accessible
using a manageable amount of work
using behavior modification systems
quiet areas, simplified environment
study buddies
open discussions
using personal stories to illustrate a point
using a variety of tones
framing visual materials to promote focus
using visual signals such as covering your mouth to signal silence.

These examples can be used in both special education and none special education classes. It is important to use what is most applicable to the students, and in order to do this it is essential to truly know the students. Students with learning disabilities, such as ADD and ADHD, may also have difficulty taking state/district-wide assessments. It is essential that these students be provided with the opportunity to truly demonstrate their strengths and knowledge. In order for this to occur, schools must abide to the laws that outline special education.

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