practicing spelling words

Practicing Spelling Words: Fun and Creative Ways

As the children head back to school, it means homework is about to start again. If your child seems to be lacking passion for homework, here are some fun creative ways for practicing spelling words.

practicing spelling words

Creative Ways for Practicing Spelling:

  • Blocks: Legos, logs, pretty much any block will do. This helps a child’s creativity, as well as, learning the words
  • Chalkboard or White Erase Board: Not only does this give the child a chance to use something besides paper and pencil, but it also help to save a tree
  • Sand: Take your child outside. Let them draw the words with a stick into the ground.
  • Foam Letters: You know those big foam alphabet mats. Set them all out and have children jump out words. It helps them burn energy and learn the words.
  • Paint with Water: Water on extra cardboard can be a fun way to learn words and as it dries the words simply disappear, so that the child can practice all over again.
  • Shaving Cream: Kids can use shaving cream as a mat to carve the letters into. Fun with supplies you probably already have at home.
  • Online: There are all kinds of fun things online that allow your children to practice there spelling. Here is one site, , but there are many more like it.
  • Memory: This is less definitive, but is still good practice. Also you can keep the cards and rotate in old ones to keep them all fresh in the child’s mind.
  • Act Them Out: Have your child act out the letters while verbally spelling the word to you.
  • Manipulative:Search your house. Yes you might not have full out teaching supplies but even magazines are full of letters. Laminate letters in magazine or have your child do a gluing collage of there words.
  • Magnetic Letters: You can get these at the dollar store, so even if you do not have them the investment is minimal.

Good Luck with getting your kids spelling! and remember if they are having fun, they will forget they are learning and enjoy the process.



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