Autism Warning Signs

Autism Warning Signs: Early Detection

As we all know, Autism is on the rise. There can be great outcomes with early identification and early intervention. This means educating ourselves as parents and educators on what to look for, so that we can detect it as early as possible. This is a great break down on some signs that may suggest more problems. The greatest is a lack in social interaction. If you have any concerns about your child, please talk to a doctor just so that you can rule out any significant issues.

Warning Signs

Autism Warning Signs


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3 thoughts on “Autism Warning Signs: Early Detection

  1. autism sensory products says:

    Here are some tips that will help parents, who are concerned about their kid with such a condition:.
    Having a BIP (Behavioral Intervention Plans) and a FBA (Functional
    Behavioral Analysis) that contain authentic inclusions which provide
    a basic understanding of ,“What is Autism.
    Since these teens will continue to struggle with communication and social
    skills, parents and teachers should find peer mentors in the school or community to
    foster personal relationships.

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