early detection of autism

Early Detection of Autism: A Key to Changing the Future

Early detection of autism may be able to change the path of development of the child and alter the severity of effects from be predisposed to inheriting autism. Now as far as the actual cause of autism there are many beliefs, some of which I discuss in other posts, but early detection means early treatment. This can greatly impact the child’s future. Also¬† autistic minds are predisposed to be great at things some of us really struggle with…treatment does not mean the child will loose these great strengths.

early detection of autism

A new research article found that there is a quantitative link between how long a baby makes eye contact and the likelihood of being diagnosed with autism down the road. This does not occur directly at birth, but a couple months down the road. Meaning that detection of autism could occur at six months and treatment could begin soon after. So if you are a parent or caregiver and notice your child’s fascination of eye contact decreasing from 2 to 6 months instead of increasing, you might want to talk to your doctor about this. The severity of the change of interest in eye contact may also be related to the severity of autism, so please interact with your child regularly and notice their personal cues to you about how they are taking in their environment. Developmental Pediatrician are trained to know disabilities, and if you feel you want more information after speaking to your pediatrician, they could be of great value to you. Also please note that they are using eye detecting equipment (look at photo above), so if you do not catch this change do not feel guilty.

Early detection of autism comes down to of course more than just eye contact but that is an easier one to measure quantitatively. New head way also needs to be made in the treatment of younger children. Currently treatments are available for those after 18 months, but do not let that deter you from talking to your doctor. Treatment plans can take many months to get in place, so the sooner you head toward treatment the better off your child’s long term trajectory could be.

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