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Physical Disabilities: Mannequins and Models

Here is a unique video about how all individuals are beautiful. It challenges people to rethink what ‘perfect’ really is and explore redefining our own definitions. An organization took on building mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities. These mannequins represent so much more than just what they are. You can see the individuals they represent in the video seem to find great satisfaction and clarity within their own mannequins. Once the mannequins are in the retail windows, you can see people who both enjoy them and some that become uncomfortable with them. There are some professional models emerging into the markets who also have physical disabilities and some stores are taking on the challenge of using mannequins that represent their wider market shopping base. All in an effort to find the beauty in differences and enjoy each individual’s uniqueness. This is a great example to not only the adults involved but also children who growing up with physical disabilities. It shows that they are appreciated, and they too are a vital part of our society.

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