deliquent habits

Delinquent Habits: Help Your Children Overcome

Delinquency is defined as the illegal behavior of a minor. There is a rising problem in our society with adolescent delinquent habits. There are lots possible causes to consider. Once you define the cause, it may help you to find a solution.

delinquent habits

Possible causes:

  1. Living Environment: Many students would not be classified as being Emotionally Disturbed if they did not have difficult family situations or were not living in environments surrounded by violence and drug use. Although this is not always the case, in many situations it is, so first consider a child’s living environment. If anything can be done to improve it, please do.
  2. A cycle: If students who get involved in delinquent behavior become trapped in a pattern of bad decision making and often do not have the support at home to get them out of their trapped way of thinking. The child might not know how to get out of their involvement with delinquent behaviors
  3. Family History:Is family in jail; do they have gang involvement; is there a history of mental health issues
  4. Hanging with the wrong people: Are other students at school or elsewhere influencing the child negatively, which can lead toward delinquent behavior
  5. Always had difficulty with his behavior, but can get involved in delinquent behavior at older age. Ask: are the schools were not offering enough support services; does the child need positive or negative reinforcements
  6. Neighborhood environment: the neighborhood one grows up in can be the reason that they exhibit delinquent habits. What is the crime like in the area? What kind of supports help the child better themselves from delinquent behaviors?
  7. School Interventions: Are there interventions like praise, rewards, and strengthening self-efficacy skills in the school environment to help with delinquent habits?
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