Earliest days of special education of children with needs.

Students with Disabilities in the Current Educational Climate

Earliest days of child education

What do you think will happen to students with disabilities in the current educational climate and to specific education in the future?

I think the current educational climate provides many opportunities for students, but it is not in place in all school districts. There is also some under development of early intervention programs. I know from being in an early intervention program and in the school system that it is an ongoing evolving process of revisions to old processes. Arizona is supposedly behind in implementing programs, as is California. With laws being so new, each year is a new lesson in what can be done better. Research is also constantly finding new things that can help as tools in education. As the research also finds these new things, it will impact the climate of special education. I hope that in the future even more inclusion programs will be included to help those with special needs to have better peer influences. It can also help to break down prejudices of those without disabilities.

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