teacher created skills checklists

Teacher Created Skills Checklists: Finding Each Child’s Success

Teacher Created Skills Checklists have many purposes. In a classroom, assessments are used to measure a students strengths and/or weakness. They can help a teacher pinpoint what a student needs to learn next and what skills they have already accomplished. As a parent, the same strategy can be used. Here are some ways to use skill checklists:

  • Informal evaluation of student academic abilities
  • The checklist involves a specific standard of performance related to an academic area (reading, writing, mathematics reasoning, homework/class work completion, note taking, organization etc)
  • Information gathered from checklists can be used to determine academic goals for the student.

teacher created skills checklists

There are many ways to carry out teacher created skills checklists, like:

  • Data based on observation to determine a baseline for mastery a certain academic skill.
  • A checklist of sub skills that a student must master in order to accomplish the targeted skill.
  • Determine how frequently a child should be assessed on the targeted skill. This should be determined on an individual basis based on their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use data and information gathered from checklists to create and set academic goals for the child.

The data collected from skills checklists is used to identify areas of weakness a student may have. In order to determine progress over a certain period of time, the teacher will continue to collect data based on observation and re assess throughout the school year on an individual basis. For educational interventions, students may need accommodations in order to be successful on the Teacher Created Skills Checklist. So think about:

  • Extended time
  • Redirection to work
  • Scribe
  • Pace of instruction
  • Assignment length
  • Organizational assistance
  • Study guides
  • Seating to minimize distractions
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