technology in the classroom

Technology in the Classroom: the Use of Smartphones

In the current technological age, technology in the classroom is often a leading force in education, but how can a smartphone be used to further a students success. Here is a info graphic on just that topic: Do Smartphones Make Smart Students…

technology in the classroom

As technology takes over the classroom, it is important to keep it researched based. In order to maximize the students benefits, keep in mind what truly benefits the student. As the info graphic states, in 2011 over 85% of handsets could access the web. With such readily easy access to grand information, students have the power of a grand TI calculator and a massively extensive encyclopedia plus more in one little device. How times have changed. With this potentially grand education that can fit in your pocket, how is it being used? Is it more than just a way for teens to be on the cutting edge in number of texts sent?

technology in the classroom

As this graphic demonstrates, not only are teens the highest percent of smartphone users, they are also mostly college achieved individuals. With this in mind, at the time of this info graphic iPhone was the best geared toward education. With so many apps out there, the possibility for learning is limitless, but how do you keep kids engaged in learning and not getting into trouble with things like snap chat?technology in the classroom

Perhaps as the teacher or parent, it is our job to challenge students within the confines of not only their technology but also their interest. Think about ways in which to apply the students interests into the education instead of the other way around. In other words, technology in the classroom is a possible way toward a successful education if applied to bigger projects and ideas. For example, photography, video recording, GPS, and even social networking could be used toward educational goals through projects and other manipulations of things that already excite the child.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 2.49.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 2.48.46 PM technology in the classroom

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