picky eaters

Picky Eaters: 16 Steps to Finding Success

Finding Success with Picky Eaters

Here are sixteen steps to finding success with picky eaters. It is all about what works best for your family, your child’s personality, and giving the child confidence in food.

picky eaters

  • Picky Eating often starts around age one
  • Some days toddlers eat lots and other days it seems like almost nothing
  • A child may need to experience a food 10-15 times before they like it
  • The inconsistency of their environment as they are constantly changing may lead to them wanting to have consistency in their foods= toddlers eating the same items again and again
  • Kids tend to like what their parents like. It all links back to experience either in the womb or opportunities outside the womb.
  • Be a Good Role Model. Picky eaters learn it from somewhere.
  • Have your child help prepare the meal. The excitement over being the chef just might lead to your child joining in and eating with you.
  • Show enthusiasm over good foods. Your child will pick up on your ques and imitate your behavior.
  • Think about what your child seems to avoid. Is there a similarity, like consistency, think about that and try to plan your meal accordingly.
  • Your toddlers stomach is about the size of their clenched fist. Don’t expect them to eat the same amount of food as you
  • As a parent, provide good snack options. Let your child pick when and how much they need to eat. This provides opportunities for your child to learn to control eating, as well as, a healthy love for food.
  • Mix in new foods next to ones they already like. Encourage your child to fully explore this new food.
  • Use healthy dips to encourage your child to get into the fun of eating their food
  • Offer your child food they can feed themselves like finger foods
  • Keep mealtimes short
  • If need be, seek medical advice. There are children who need more help from a feeding specialist to find success.

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