behavior plan emtional disabilities

Challenges of Those with an Emotional Disability

There are many issues that arise while working with children an emotional disability, but these children are a part of the classroom and our lives, so it is important to come up with a plan for success. Children with an emotional disability are individuals like all children, so each child will be different and should be treated as such. It is important to evaluate the individual child and come up with the best game plan.

Some issues to look for can be:

  • impulsive behaviors
  • irrational decision making
  • poor social skills
  • blurting out inappropriate comments
  • lack of attention in children with emotional and behavioral disorders.
  • not easily being able to transition from one activity to another
  • yelling instead of talking
  • use of inappropriate language like swear words
  • unable to sit still can often be found in children with emotional and behavioral disorders
  • staying on task
  • rude/crude behaviors and actions toward others and themselves
  • tunnel vision fixation

behavior plan emtional disabilities

In order to help these children succeed, try:

  • Use of good multidisciplinary techniques can get help children overcome these behaviors
  • have children work with their peers to come up with a game plan and hear new ideas
  • behavior point system with reward
  • time out room if needed
  • constant praise to reinforce good behavior
  • make goals minimal so they can feel success
  • basic pacing of activities
  • one to two step directions

Children with an emotional disability can have difficulty in school and at home. By using a couple of the techniques listed above, children can get the help necessary to succeed within the classroom and home environments.


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