teacher appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You to All Who Change Lives

On this teacher appreciation week, let’s remind those special people in our children’s lives we truly appreciated for all you do. The lives you change and steer toward a better future. It is because of the hard work teachers put forth that scientists, artists, and all other professions have such successful individuals. Thank you for all you do!


teacher appreciation


Here’s some crafty ideas to show your teacher appreciation:

  • Garden Pack: with “a teacher’s a gardener and this is so you’ll know we truly are grateful for helping ____ grow”
  • Starbucks gift card: with “Thanks a LATTE”
  • Burt’s Bee gift pack: with “Thanks for BEE-lieving in _____”
  • Jamba Juice gift card: with “Thanks for sparking my creative JUICES”
  • Flowers: with “Thanks for helping ____ bloom”
  • Summer Survival kit: think pools and beaches
  • Lotions and such: with “You are a god SCENT”
  • Think creatively and remember the good teachers probably aren’t really money grubbers, they’d rather something have something thoughtful…why else would of they become teachers
  • 😉

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