Meaningful Teaching

Meaningful teaching requires a multifaceted, technique-challenging strategy to maximize the impact for the students it effects. The teacher needs to use the resources available to them in order expand their own knowledge and satisfy the requirements that they are obligated by their profession to fulfill.

In any given classroom, there are a variety of individuals that have various cognitive levels, preferred teaching styles, and background/cultural history. It is important for the teacher to use the appropriate means to reach the large spectrum of students. For the teacher to be best prepared, it is important for them to set up educational goals, find appropriate curriculum, and develop a multifaceted approach to teaching the curriculum. This may involve reading the material, doing worksheets about the material, and incorporating a hands-on approach to learning the material. Since the teacher has so many expectations on them, it is essential that they continue their learning process daily, so that they can be more thoughtful in appropriately addressing their students.

Children in classroom

By taking on the responsibility of teaching, you can help others to learn, as well as, learning yourself. This will require thinking on both the students and teachers behalf.

My own interests in becoming a special educator came from my belief in education, love of children, and desire to make a difference. While completing my undergraduate degree, I became involved in working directly with children that had developmental delays. These children were so lovable, and I found a reciprocating benefit from working with them. In the same way, my continued work with this specific group of children allowed me to continue to enjoy the benefits and challenges. There is such a need for positive, fresh faces in their classrooms.

Teachers are influenced by an array of outside inputs. It is important for them to balance their own inspirations, their goals for the students, and the cultural impacts to create an environment to meet the specific need of the individuals that they are teaching. It is necessary for teachers to stay active in revising their strategies and resources, so that they can remain fresh in the learning process and make the greatest impression possible on all of the individuals in their classroom.

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