teaching children about differences

Teaching Children About Differences and Disabilities

All individual’s are different, and although it seems inevitable kids will learn about children who are different, it is essential to teach them how to respond correctly. Now most of this is taught through the parents reaction, but when working as a teacher, there is a unique chance for also developing an accepting individual. These early experiences in life carve the way to adults with good hearts. It is important to help the children understand what makes us different and celebrate these differences. It is a proactive way to stop bullying and spread some love. Teaching children about differences is essential in helping to build a compassionate adult who lives wisely with tolerance and acceptance. Here is a unique reference I found, if you want to help your children or students learn about these differences: Friends Who Care

teaching children about differences

According to there own site,

FRIENDS WHO CAREĀ® is designed to help children better understand what it means and how it feels to be a young person with a disability. This educational program gives students the opportunity to learn what is involved when someone has a disability and how they adapt to live life, go to school, or work as independently as possible.

The goals of the program are simple: to encourage typically developing children to accept their peers with disabilities as people first and also to find ways to include everyone in school and after-school activities.


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