Getting Babyto Sleep Through the Night

Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Need some keys on getting baby to sleep through the night. My child was a horrid sleeper. One day someone asked me if he was colic because he was tired (everyone in the house was), and I thought that’s it we need to fix this. I read multiple books, but these were some keys that saved us:

  • Keep a journal of their sleep habits and vow to never regress (particularly important with night feedings)
  • Set a goal (what would make you happy- the books suggested 12 hours of crib time at night but we are more of 10-11 hours).

Getting Babyto Sleep Through the Night

Now how to reach your goal of getting baby to sleep through the night…

if your child wakes up lets say three times and drinks 5 oz. of a bottle or 5 minutes breast milk keep that same amount then cut them off. 3 nights is key for this approach as it then develops a habit. On the third night cut it by 0.5 oz. or 30 seconds to 1 minute. Keep that three nights then cut it again. It is heart breaking to be stern, but after some sleep and sanity, I would do it again in a heart beat. It’s up to how fast you want to do it. If you want to target one thing at a time (like only getting up three times then two or if you want to rip the whole band-aide off and just do it all at once. I truly believe it helped my child be a better baby and me a better mommy. Naps still aren’t great for us but as he’s learned to love his crib he’s happy chilling up there for two hours at his designated time even if there is no sleeping going on.


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