transitioning to toddler bed

Transitioning to Toddler Bed: How to Ease the Move to a Big Kid Bed

Transitioning to a toddler bed might seem like a daunting task for your little one, but here are some things to help when making the move to a big kid bed:

  • Let them pick out their own sheets and made a big deal out of it
  • Tell them that they aren’t allowed to get out of bed by himself
  • A sticker reward chart for each night he stayed in bed or something else to positively reward/enforce good behavior
  • Having the bed in their room for a while to help them get used to the idea and talk about what it is there for
  • You might need a gate at their door so that they can’t “get out” of the room.
  • Plan on them falling asleep on the floor the first few nights
  • If it helps, they can sleep on the mattress on the floor to eventually got the hang of sleeping on the bed.
  • Make a big deal about them staying in bed, special breakfasts or whatever help them feel like they really are doing great work
  • If they get out of bed walk them back and say “it’s bed time” then kiss them said I loved them and walked out. If they get out again say NOTHING and walked them back to their bed and walk out, and if they come out again say NOTHING and walk them back again, until they eventually stay in their bed or in their room
  • Keep positive so that they don’t sense your nervousness and your child might just be super excited about it!!

transitioning to toddler bed

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