Child Development Milestones

Child Development Milestones: the First Five Years

Here’s a great graphic about child development milestone. It shows why the first couple years are so crucial and what to look for so that you know your child is on the right track. If there seems to be any discrepancies between your child and the typical listed. Talk to a doctor. A developmental pediatrician is specifically geared toward helping your child meet their child development milestones.


With the above in mind:

Read to your kids, talk to your kids, try to find a place where your children can enrich their education. So much happens in the early years of a child’s development. Create an educated child who gets the most out of their 3 year old 90-95% developed brain. This part of their child development will have a lasting lifelong impact.

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Child Development: the First Year

Your child has much to accomplish in the first year from learning to move to learning to walk. They are connecting the outside world to themselves. They are learning to manipulate objects and get their needs met. If at any time you feel your child is not meeting these goals, please talk to your doctor. Early intervention is key.

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Child Development: Ages 1 to 5

Although it is true that children develop at their own pace, it is also true that they may need encouragement in order to reach their developmental milestones. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some children are naturally social, others talk with ease, while plenty climb and use great gross motor strength. While acknowledging a child’s strengths are important. It is also important to look and make sure they are not falling far behind in another area. It is also important to notice if a child truly reaches all that is within a specific subset. For example, a child might be able to reach certain goal, like saying ‘x’ number of words but are they also able to follow directions. Language has both an expressive and comprehensive component, so make sure you are taking into account the whole child.

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