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School Ready: 5 Key Steps to Help Your Child Succeed

As a parent, it can seem a daunting task to get your child school ready. Here are five key elements that will help your child find success in school. It’s not only academics. It’s social and emotional and so much more as well, and if your child is prone to shyness, you wonder how to make sure they are ready. Here is a great illustration I found on helping your child find success as a school ready child.

school ready

So if you are truly bonding with your child and engaging them in conversation, you are truly helping them be school ready. And as the information shows, they are not only preparing for preschool and kinder but early childhood success can be a predictor of success later in life.

school readyEmotions and play are more keys to school ready success for your child. This means setting boundaries, while letting your child be a child. Your child needs to know your there for them, while also knowing your in control. They also need opportunities to play and explore. It helps them to make since of this great big world that they are fairly new to. When you help to build a child that is school ready by listening, loving, and giving them opportunities to grow, it provides them with a great base to grow from. A school ready child is: confident, collaborative, empathetic, curious, cooperative, creative, self-controlled, persistent, and a problem solver. It is important to remember that each child is different so some of these might come more naturally to them. Every individual’s personality contains its own strengths and weaknesses, but it is important to try and help your child overcome their shortcomings, while truly appreciating their natural abilities.

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