Should I be Concerned

Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Development?

Should I be Concerned

As a parent, you always wonder at what point should I be concerned. As a parent, I spend so much time comparing my children to the other ones on the play ground, playgroup, or child care, but how do I know when to really seek out help for my child and what the real repercussions are for your child’s future.

  • First pinpoint what your child’s specific needs are. For our son, he is a wiz at language and learning. You say something no matter how silly the word might be and he absorbs it, but give him a physical challenge and there’s a decent chance it will be a real struggle for him.  So gross motor is a need for him but…
  • Is it something we really need more help for. Check your child’s development according to their age not their peers. Our son is actually not behind it just isn’t his strength, but considering both of his parents are far from athlete’s this is not really surprising.
  • It is important to remember every child is different. There are children who do things like learn walking slower because they are focusing more on developing other areas, like fine motor or speech. See what your child’s next gross motor goals could be then work with them to achieve these. If you still have concerns, go ahead and check with your doctor for more information and a possible referral for an assessment.
  • Seek Help. If your still unsure, talk to your doctor and if you still feel you might need more help, seek a development pediatrician. It’s your job to be your child’s advocate, so don’t leave any stone unturned.
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