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Lesson Plan Examples: Teaching Money to Students with Mental Retardation

31 Jan

lessons for learning math

The following include lesson plan examples for teaching money concepts, but it could be slightly modified for other math lessons. When teaching any child, it is important to consider what their needs are, strengths are, and the ways in which they learn. Does the child need hands on materials? Can they universalize subjects? Many students […]

Art Therapy Working With Emotional Disabilities

28 Jan

art therapy

Children who have emotional disabilities may need many options when it comes therapy. Art Therapy is one possibility. It is a treatment that children can start at a very early stage of life and continue throughout adulthood. Art therapy is something personal, so that the strategies learned could eventually be used in their own schedules […]

Teaching Standards: Different Agencies Requirements

27 Jan

The following is a series of lists that outline the requirements of teaching standards for different agencies. As a teacher, there are many requirements to meet and exceed. Here’s a shortly compiled list of some of the things required of a classroom teacher. National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, NBPTS Demonstrate that teaching practice meets […]

Baby Brain Development: A Map to Learning

25 Jan

Baby Brain Map

Here’s a fun Interactive Site that let’s you truly explore baby brain development. It gives you questions, answers, and what to do to help your child reach there full potential. It looks like a great resource! Have fun exploring and learning to help your child grow! The Brain Map was adapted in 2006 by ZERO […]

Finding Success in Writing with Learning Disabilities

24 Jan

Students with learning disabilities are often challenged throughout the language arts, so it should be no surprise that written language can be challenging for them. The following ideas are strategies that can be used to simplify learning to write so that a child with learning disabilities can find success: Strategies that can be used to […]

Disabilties and TV

20 Jan

There are many shows out right now that show some of the dynamics of living with disabilities. I just saw that there should be one more added to the list. Here’s some interesting shows to check out. Let me know if you have any to add Touch Switched at Birth Parenthood

Mental Retardation: the Background and the Issues

20 Jan

Some of the issues relating to mental retardation are the terminology, laws, diagnosis, and symptoms of a child with mental retardation. Terminology of Mental Retardation We used to label children TMH (trainable Mentally handicap) and EMH (educable mentally handicap) for the primary reason of not saying “retardation” as a label. However, in the last few […]

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Definitions and Challenges

19 Jan

The following is to help understand more about Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in children, so that they can find success in the classroom. It reviews the definitions of emotional disabilities and the challenges of providing services to students with emotional disabilities. Behavioral disorders become apparent when the student displays a repetitive and impact persistent pattern […]

Down Syndrome: A Bio by the Father of a Child Effected

17 Jan

Down Syndrome effects 1 in every 691 births. It can range in severity, but the common symptoms are a delay in physical and intellectual development. Often individual’s effected have low muscle town, a flattened facial profile, a single crease across the palm, and an upward slant to the eyes. There can be heart, feeding, sight, […]

Great Developmental Milestones Quick Guide

17 Jan

As we all know, developmental milestones are huge ques into your child’s health. Here’s a great info graphic all about development of a child 0-18 months old. It let’s you know what to be looking for on the appropriate development of a baby. Hope you find it helpful. Development Chart: Birth to 18 months