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Early Intervention: A National Crisis of Making the First Five Count

16 May

early intervention

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You to All Who Change Lives

10 May

teacher appreciation

On this teacher appreciation week, let’s remind those special people in our children’s lives we truly appreciated for all you do. The lives you change and steer toward a better future. It is because of the hard work teachers put forth that scientists, artists, and all other professions have such successful individuals. Thank you for […]

Challenges of Those with an Emotional Disability

9 May

behavior plan emtional disabilities

There are many issues that arise while working with children an emotional disability, but these children are a part of the classroom and our lives, so it is important to come up with a plan for success. Children with an emotional disability are individuals like all children, so each child will be different and should […]

Dance Therapy: Helping Individuals Connect

3 May

dance therapy

Educational Purpose of Dance Therapy: Promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development Improve mental health through a healthy body Increase self-discipline, cooperation, and confidence Develop cultural understanding Activities of Dance Therapy: This is used for self-expression, communication, and group interaction The teacher needs an understanding of (not a mastery in) energy, weight, time, tension, space, […]