Toddler Vocabulary: Facts to Know

There are some important facts to know about a toddler vocabulary. It is every changing and ever growing. It is important to stay on top of it and make sure your child doesn’t fall behind because vocabulary at ages 3-5 is directly linked to reading comprehension at ages 10-11. This means where they are at now directly impacts their future. It does not mean all hope is lost if your child seems to be behind on language compared to their peers. It simply means that there is work to be done and tons of professionals happy to help.

toddler vocabulary

Here are some things you ought to know about toddler vocabulary:

  • Language skills grow rapidly from 2-3 years old
  • Between ages 1 and 2, children should be saying new words each month
  • Between ages 1 and 2, putting two words together (“my toy”)
  • Between ages 1 and 2, using one-and two-word questions (“more juice?”).
  • 13-18 months, receptively* identify 1-3 body parts
  • Child uses about 10-20 words at age 18 months including names
  • 2 years, respond to simple yes and no questions
  • 2 years, follows two step directions
  • A typical 2-year-old knows 20-200 words
  • A typical 3-year-old knows about 1,000 words
  • Age 3 years, understands use of objects,  parts of objects, descriptive adjectives, pronouns, and some quantity concepts (one, all)
  • At 3 years of age, comprehends approximately 500-1000 words
  • At 3 years of age, knows difference between sexes and own sex
  • By 3 years of age, knows simple spatial concepts (in/on/under)
  • By 3 years of age, able to match and identify colors

*A toddler vocabulary is not just what they say but also what they hear or their receptive constabulary. It is what your child understands by listening. Can they follow directions? Do they know specific names?


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