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Trading Clothes: What to Do with All Those Outgrown Clothes

As a mom, I see my child outgrow clothes practically before they are worn. For example, I bought him 2 sets of sandals for summer in mid April (we leave in the heat) and by mid May his feet had grown them by 1.5 sizes.

There are several great options out there for what you can do with kids clothes. Here’s a list of great ways of trading clothes and other options when getting rid of old clothes:

Thrift Store it

There are tons of great thrift stores out there that sponsor different organizations. Think Goodwill and Salvation Army. They can be great for helping the community or a specific cause or both.

Selling Clothes

Selling clothes at garage sales or to a store can be an easy way to get a little extra cash. It does take some work and often times, I have found very minimal pay out, but I have done it to get a specific item or if you already having a garage sale, you might as well.


Growing up as a second child, these were not always my favorite, but when they are shared amongst families, it doesn’t seem so bad. We constantly get clothes from friends, and they are great. We also are happy to hand them out as we always have a surplus and no room to store them.

Trading Clothes

There are some places to trade your kids clothes. Tradello is a new site starting on this premises, and although it is small now, these type of things are community based, so the more people to get involved the more successful they will be.

trading clothes

What are some of the things you do with your child’s old clothes?

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