things to do with a toddler

Things to Do with a Toddler

Sometimes when your a new parent, or just stuck in a rut, it seems like you can be stuck home all day, but there are lots of great things to teach your children. Most of your child’s learning occurs in the first few years of life. First hand experiences, that they can associate new knowledge with, helps your child grow. As an educator, in school you learn how important this can be. Here are some great activities to get you involved in promoting your child’s education.

things to do with a toddler

Things to do with a toddler (or baby or preschooler):

  • A Walk: Label things around you. Trees, bushes, numbers on houses, street signs, it is a big world out there help them make sense of it.
  • The Zoo: We are lucky and live near multiple zoos, but even if it is just a pond with ducks, your child will be truly engaged. Learning about differences in size, shape, color, what food they eat. There is a myriad of knowledge that can grow from exploring animals.
  • A Park: Pack a lunch and make a play date of it. As your child explores, they will be learning gross motor skills and strengthening their bodies, as well as, social skills.
  • Trains: Check out and see if there are train parks near you. We are lucky to even live near one that is free! You can talk to your child about all the different kinds of transportation out there.
  • A Library or Bookstore: Start your child’s love of books early! Many offer free play groups or story times. These offer your child a chance to learn a new set of skills about how to act in groups and appropriately respond to new people.
  • Open Gyms: Many gyms near us offer open gyms. A time for children to play on their own schedule and explore things like beams, parallel bars, and spring boards. they cost normally around $5, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Splash pad: Sprinklers work if you can’t find one. What child doesn’t love some good water fun!
  • The Mall: Lots of malls have fun areas for kids to explore. Yes I know the ‘g’ word…germs, but it is such a great opportunity to for your kid to explore.
  • Museums: Even little ones can get into museums. There are so many kinds, so pick one which is your child’s interest, and explore the fun of great exhibits.

Have other great ideas? Let us know.

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