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Autism Warning Signs: Early Detection

30 Apr

Autism Warning Signs

As we all know, Autism is on the rise. There can be great outcomes with early identification and early intervention. This means educating ourselves as parents and educators on what to look for, so that we can detect it as early as possible. This is a great break down on some signs that may suggest […]

Physical and Health Impairments: The Facts

25 Apr

Physical and Health Impairments

Definition: Both physical and health impairments are considered disabilities when they interfere with education and other daily living. Physical impairments include those caused by congenital abnormality impairments caused by disease and impairments from other causes. Health impairments include disease and/or chronic illness. Causes: With so many different conditions under the category of Physical and health […]

3 Year Old Milestones: Free Developmental Guide

24 Apr

3 year old milestones

It can be great to check your toddler regularly to make sure they are meeting their guide lines. This 3 year old milestones free guideline brochure provides an easy way to track your child’s development. Here is a great free guide I found to check and see if your 3 year old is developmentally on […]

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Quick Break Down

20 Apr

enotional and behavioral disorders

  Definition of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders A chronic condition where the emotional and behavioral responses differ from age, cultural, or ethnic norms to such a degree that educational performance is adversely affected. Causes of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders There is a wide range of suspected causes for Behavioral and Emotional discords. They include biological […]

Find the Right Car Seat: Keep Your Child Safe

17 Apr

find the right car seat

It can be hard to figure out how to find the right car seat. Here’s a cool free app that helps you find that out so that you can keep your little one safe, which is important when you consider motor vehicle crashes are one of the most common causes of preventable deaths of children. […]

Autism and Obesity: the Links in Pregnancy

11 Apr

autism and obesity

A recent UC Davis study suggests a 60% greater chance of a child developing autism if a mother was obese while pregnant with the child. They also suggest that if while pregnant the mother has diabetes, often linked with obesity, the child has greater odds of encounter learning disabilities later on in life.  While whatever […]

Curriculum Guide for Mathematics: Helping Understand Money

9 Apr

curriculum guide for mathmatics

The following is an example of a curriculum guide for mathematics. Step number one is something even the littlest one can work on and then can advance as their skills acquire. Goal of Curriculum Guide for Mathematics Students will be able identify money values and address simple values   Objectives Step One: Student will be able […]

Early Literacy Skills Builder: A Start for Success

4 Apr

Early Literacy Skills Builder

In a belated honor of Children’s book day, here are some early literacy skills builder activities. The first steps of reading begin at home, so practice with your child and help to share with them a love of language and books. Here are some early literacy skills builder activities: 1. Sing with your child Singing […]

Autism: Awareness is the Key to Intervention

2 Apr


The Facts Autism a disorder that effects nearly 6 out of every 1,000 children with boys 4 times more likely than girls to be effected. It appears in the first three years of life and affects the brain’s social and communicative development. There is still much unknown about autism, but genetics seem to play a […]