autism quotes

Autism Quotes: Seeing the World Differently

I ran across two wonderful autism quotes this week, so I thought I would share them. Hope you find them equally as enlightening. Although those with autism might see the world differently, their view can also be beautiful and what they can teach us can be amazing.

autism quote

autism quotes

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down syndrome

Down Syndrome: Learning the Power within Disabilities

Here’s a story of a man who found a new version of himself when he had a daughter with down syndrome. Although he admits, he originally wanted an abortion when he found out. He now knows his life has changed for the better with his blessed little girl. Something we can all relate too. Judging too quickly or making rash decisions cannot always lead us down the right path. Thankfully they had the little girl, so he could learn a very important lesson. Enjoy!

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multiple disabilities

Overcoming Multiple Disabilities: Making the Impossible Possible

When presented with multiple disabilities, it can seem a rough road to living a full and fulfilling life. We have many to thank who have forged the road in front of us for making a difference in how to better service everyone. As individual’s with multiple disabilities or as the loved ones of those with multiple disabilities, we know the importance of good therapy and reaching goals. Helen Keller was an individual who forged through the unknown and what seemed like the impossible. As a person who was deaf and blind, she graduated college, world traveler, outspoken, and an author. Her story and courage are examples of therapy that helped an individual with multiple disabilities to blossom into more than many individual’s even thought possible.

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multiple disabilities

autism in the workplace

Autism in the Workplace: Shared Success

Autism can be challenging anywhere, but sometime autism in the workplace is a key to success. Individual’s with Autism have a unique set of traits that help lead to success in certain work environments. Sometimes they have to steer their own way to success because the typical career path that starts with college can be challenging. College is often times a very social environment, and this is not always the best place for someone with autism. Considering 1 in 88 children are on the autism spectrum, a lot of future and current workers do have autism. The question is where do they fit.

This year alone, 50,000 adolescents with autism will turn 18.

According to a recent NPR article, a natural fit for them is in the tech industry. Why? Because interaction is limited. They can work independently without lots of social interaction, and they can use their great focus to do a great job.

High-tech jobs can be a perfect fit. A neurologist at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, says people on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum often have an amazing ability to hyper-focus on a task.

A Texas based company, which solely looks at reaching this untapped marked and hiring them into a shared success of employee and company says:

“We’ve got this one guy, for example; his productivity is three times as productive as the person doing his job who did not have cognitive disabilities before him. And his error rate is 2 percent. He is 98 percent accurate. He’s a phenomenal worker”

If you need more help finding employment for an individual with autism, here is a great career guide.

autism in the workplace

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